Gameplay is simple...the triviabot displays a question and everyone has a certain number of seconds to guess the answer...the first person to guess properly gets the points! Trivia is a Trivia game played on IRC at #Trivia (Beirut IRC Network) with more than 320000 questions.

Its easy to play by yourself or in teams. Scores are updated every hour. The trivia runs 24/7 with exciting and puzzling questions. The only way to experience the fun is to join now!

All you need to do is join the channel #Trivia on /server then /join #trivia and type !trivia this will start a new normal trivia game. Whenever you play, either in a team, or solo, your score is automagically updated to this site by the trivia bot.

Click Here To Play Trivia

 !TeamTrivia  Starts/Stops Team Triva
 !Join  Join a Team In Team Trivia
 !Remove  Leave a Team In Team Trivia
 !Stats  Display Stats For All Active Teams
 !trivia  Starts Normal Trivia
 !trivquit  Stops Trivia
 !next  Requests Next Question
 !won  Shows User’s Stats
 !rank  Displays Rank of User
 !repeat  Shows Current Question Teams
 !hint  Gives a hint
 !help  Shows Help Menu
 !server  Shows Server Bot Is On
 !error  Reports a Trivia Error
 !top10fastest or !toptenfastest  Shows Top 10 Fastest Players
 !top10streakers or !toptenstreakers  Shows Top 10 Longest Streaks
 !lastanswer or !last  Shows Previous Answer
 !daytop10 or !daytopten  Shows Daily Top 10
 !weektop10 or !weektopten  Shows Weekly Top 10
 !top10, !topten, !monthtop10 or !monthtopten  Shows Monthly Top 10
 !yeartop10 or !yeartopten  Shows Yearly Top 10

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